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Handsoap Liquid Pearlescent "Soft Hands" 5L

Handsoap Liquid Pearlescent "Soft Hands" 5L

A mild hand wash for everyday use with a sweet rose fragrance.


  • pH neutral 5.5 to match skin pH
  • Contains glycerine and lanolin to moisturise and protect the skin
  • Will not leave soap scum
  • Formulated with a blend of gentle biodegradable skin cleansers
  • Rose fragrance


Soft hands is suitable for use across a wide range of industries from Aged Care to Hospitality.


Wet the hands and pump one or two times to dispense product onto the hands. Work up to a lather, then rinse off and dry the hands.

Technical information

Fragrance: Rose
Colour: Pearlescent pink
pH level: 5.5 in neat form
Non compatible surfaces: N/A
Form: Cream Liquid

  • Recyclable container
  • Biodegradable ingredients


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