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Bleach, 4.5% active chlorine 5L Polo

Bleach, 4.5% active chlorine 5L Polo

A liquid bleach suitable for use in kitchens, food preparation, laundry and wet area applications.  A powerful formulaton specially designed to remove grease, dirt, heavy soiling and stubborn stains.

Polo bleach is also excellent as a sanitiser and to kill bacteria.

Directions for use:

For General Cleaning and sanitising

Apply with a spray pplicator or a wet sponge/ cloth. Allow to soak on surface then wipe with a clean damp cloth.

For Large areas

Add 200ml of Polo Bleach to 2 Litres of hot water in a bucket. Mop over area then wipe clean with fresh water.

For Laundry Use

Add 1 cup of Polo Bleach to washing machine wash water, soak items for 30 minutes then wash and rinse thoroughly.

For Stain Removal

Soak items in a solution of 50mls of Polo Bleach in 1L of water.

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